Using social intelligence to inspire Australia’s biggest fitness movement

The brief 

Part of a global gym brand, Anytime Fitness Australia has more than 440 clubs and nearly half a million members. In a crowded fitness marketplace, they wanted to re-position their brand to both stand out and stand for something.
Given Bloom’s vast experience in the fitness sector, we were not only handed the task but appointed as their agency of choice for their entire brand and comms offering.

The answer

We began by gauging the tone of conversations around Anytime Fitness Australia, and fitness in general, using our social intelligence tool, Whisper. The lack of emotional connection we found between fitness brands and customers gave us a clear space to move into.
We re-articulated the brand around a compelling proposition that Anytime Fitness Australia could own, and which would drive all future campaigns. With more clubs and more members than any other gym chain, Anytime Fitness is the biggest fitness community in Australia.
Some subtle tweaks injected fresh life into the existing brand marque, with new graphics helping to better tie the creative to the logo, and an expanded colour palette working harder to appeal equally to males and females. New photography was also shot with a focus on real people, working out, getting sweaty and seeing real results.
This was all then packaged, along with a new tone of voice, into comprehensive brand guidelines.
With clubs across Australia, maintaining brand consistency was crucial. To do this we created an extensive club marketing toolkit, which consisted of print-ready artwork for a wealth of marketing materials – from posters to window vinyls – carrying every variation of message a club could need throughout the year.

All of this was reflected through a new Anytime Fitness Australia website, for which we followed our discovery process of research and persona development followed by UX, UI and design.

With the new brand in place we then began rolling out national campaigns to regularly freshen up the messaging. To date we’ve delivered a one-day sale (which saw fantastic results) and a ‘Sweat’ acquisition campaign.

In January 2017 we launched our bravest campaign yet, titled ‘F*ck unfit’. Reflecting the dialogue we all have with our inner voices who give us countless reasons not to get fit, this campaign message was designed to be hard-hitting and disruptive. Although controversial, the response from the Anytime Fitness Australia team, and the wider public, has been amazing. You can read more about this campaign over on our blog.

The results

The first one-day sale we created for Anytime Fitness Australia smashed their previous best result, and delivered a 23% increase over their last sale.

In addition to this we’ve also seen an upward curve of new members month-on-month, with November 2016 alone seeing an 11% increase in sign-ups over the same period the previous year.