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Proving that smart insight leads to great creative

Sky Sports wanted to celebrate their partnership with the Premier League in a way that touched fans and reminded them why Sky is synonymous with the most exciting league in the world

We used our Whisper insight tool to analyse social conversations around the Premier League. From more than 70 million tweets, we painted a picture of what football fans cared passionately about, and the content they were sharing.

Our insight told us that focusing the creative campaign on ‘moments’ in Premier League history would resonate most with fans. We were even able to pinpoint the moments most likely to be shared socially.

The ad enjoyed more than 18 million views on Facebook within the first week, topping the Campaign Viral Chart with 306,000 shares over the same seven day period. The Mirror even went as far as calling the ad, starring Thierry Henry, “the greatest thing in the history of the universe“.

See the advert for yourself .